Michael Finger Photography



Based in Bloomington,IN, I am a fine art photographer who has been working at my craft for the last 35 years. My initial emphasis was primarily in the area of black and white urban or industrial landscape. I have always found the abandoned and discarded to hold a particular draw for me. It is a sense I have, that I seek to convey in an image, that these landscapes speak of the culture we live in.

In recent years my work has taken a turn toward the studio though I am still grazing, if you will, in the world around me for subject matter. At the same time, I have felt a desire to confront the subject of nature more directly; to seek out simple forms in the natural that convey a naive elegance, an accidental beauty.

Though I am primarily known for my film and darkroom work, for the last few years I have been shooting as much or more with a digital camera, as I am with film cameras. Lately, however, I have returned to the large format film camera, to document the landscape. The developed film is then scanned, and printed via an Epson inkjet printer; taking advantage of some of the excellent printing papers that have become available lately.

I can be reached via e-mail at mmfinger@comcast.net. Prints from the images found on this website (and many others) may be purchased. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing, or if you have any questions.