I am equipped with a full service black & white darkroom for the development of film and printing of negatives.

Film development

My darkroom is set up to develop 35mm, 120, 220, 4X5 and 8X10 black & white film. Roll film development is done in stainless steel tanks. Sheet film is done by individual sheets in black PVC tubes for complete zone system control. A variety of manufactured developers can be used; the most commonly used is Rodinal.

Printing - Darkroom printing services have been suspended

The darkroom is still there but I am no longer using it. My printing is all done digitally now using an Epson inkjet printer.



Most photographs are taken today on digital cameras and can be managed, enhanced and printed by the photographer themselves, on minimal computer equipment. Yet how many times are you left feeling that something more could have been made from the beautiful scenics and the creative moments that occurred when you had the camera in hand? Based on my years of experience in professional Photoshop practice and the creation of archival inkjet prints, I can take your files and get the most out of them that can be gotten.